Justine Toms


Justine Toms was born in Sofia, a Bulgarian from Armenian origin. She has Master degrees from Sofia University in Pedagogy, French philology and Philosophy.

Justine is among the pioneers of the Bulgarian Internet - expert in online communication, creator of multiple websites and two web contests.

An expert in online media and marketing, founder of digital agency ABC Design & Communication since 1998.

Justine has also been the idea leader of the competition for best Bulgarian online projects - BG Site since 1999.

A university teacher at New Bulgarian University, Sofia University and SoftUni Digital.

For many years, Justine has been an activist-volunteer in numerous initiatives - child's reading, digital competences, online safety, Wikipedia and open source, environmental topics.

A mother of three.

She is the author or co-author of more than 20 books in the area of online presence, CSR and communication. Among her latest books are "Leaders for a New Beginning", with Marina Stefanova and Jane Muita (2020, English), “The Blogs Are Dead, Long Live the Blogs!” (2021).

“Clair de Lune” is Justine's first novel, a fictional story based on authentic bits of her descendants’ history, written for over 10 years and published by ERGO Publishing House (May 2022).

Blurbs about the novel:

“Toms’ novel demonstrates man’s capacity to be both a monster and a human being, while avoiding the easy and worn-out polarized extremes. A chillingly strong debut.”
Ivan Dimitrov, writer

“Toms lifts the veil over a theme that has long been swept under the carpet, and does it from the position of a woman and mother implicated in the story. This is the first time in Bulgarian literature that a female voice comes along to recount the story of the women’s labor camps in communist Bulgaria—a topic that has remained veiled and never been addressed as part of discussions of the communist terror.”
Georgi Grancharov, book blogger

“A humane, heartfelt story, which I’ll carry inside of me the same way I carry my family’s memories from these dark years.”
Julia Spiridonova, writer